Schumer wants FTC to investigate smart TVs


WASHINGTON – Big Brother may be watching you more than you think. Smart TVs connected to the internet could not only collect data on the users, but they may also be able to spy on you via built-in microphones and cameras.

That could present security and privacy issues and US Senator Charles Schumer wants the Federal Trade Commission to open an investigation into the data protection and security of smart TVs and he is urging the National Institute of Standards and Technology to update Congress on any feedback received during its recent public comment period for its security feature recommendations for smart TVs.

Sen. Charles Schumer wants smart TV technology investigated

“Technology is advancing very quickly and the government is always a little bit behind. One of my jobs is to prod the government to catch up and so that is what we are doing here,” he said. The senator said the technology opens the door for “bad actors” to use your internet connections to hack into your online data.

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