State funding for park, fire safety improvements in Cortlandt

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Cortlandt Town Hall

PEEKSKILL – A state grant of $200,000 has been awarded to the Town of Cortlandt to be split evenly for two separate infrastructure improvement projects.

  The first project includes the construction of walking trails, completion of site amenities and new landscaping in the Cortlandt Waterfront Park located in the hamlet of Verplanck. Among several town investments in Verplanck as part of an overall economic development strategy, the park improvements are meant to increase visitors to the park and, in turn, create scaled economic activities there as well.

  The second project will complete fire safety improvements to Cortlandt Town Hall in Cortlandt Manor. Included in the improvements are the installation of a non-proprietary fire alarm control panel, pull stations, remote cellular communications, photoelectric smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and mounted horns and strobe lights, plus necessary wiring, conduits and fittings.

  The $200,000 state grant secured by Senator Peter Harckham is on top of $50,000 of funding he secured earlier this year for the Town of Cortlandt to purchase a new emergency response/service vehicle.

  “Cortlandt Waterfront Park offers a wide variety of recreational opportunities, many involving the Hudson River, so making improvements there makes a lot of sense,” said Harckham. “Similarly, the fire safety upgrades in Town Hall should not have to wait—and that’s why I’m pleased to announce the grant funding for these projects. Residents deserve facilities that are safe and sound.”