Greenlight law begins in one week; county clerks in the dark

(Photo by Dom J from Pexels)

GOSHEN – The new Greenlight law, which will allow undocumented residents to obtain driver’s licenses in New York State, is “one of the worst laws” Orange County Clerk Annie Rabbitt said she has ever seen. Persons may begin applying for those on Monday, December 16.

County clerks participated in a webinar on Thursday where she said she became more confused and upset by the lack of substance, background and state support.

The county clerks were informed that an applicant may show six forms of ID, among them a utility bill, a foreign ID and a Social Security number.

“The person can use a Social Security number and not even have to show a Social Security card and they will allow it to go through and it will be up to the state to decide if the person is legit with the Social Security card,” she said.

If the applicant does not speak English, they will be put on the phone to a state interpreter, who will then convey the information to the county clerk staff member.

Rabbitt apologized to the public saying she anticipates longer than usual lines in the Goshen office, the only one where she will issue Greenlight licenses.

With one week to go before the law kicks in, the State Department of Motor Vehicles has not even explained anything to the public. Their website has the following information:

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