Sullivan County’s chief ADA to run for top job


MONTICELLO – With Sullivan County District Attorney James Farrell ascending to the county court in January, Chief Assistant DA Meagan Galligan will assume the post of acting DA.

Galligan, a Democrat, also announced on Thursday that she would seek election as DA in the November 2020 election. Galligan has been with the DA’s office since 2009.

Meagan Galligan

She believes the drug problem in Sullivan County has “peaked” because of the various programs available. As for the bail reform that starts in January, she said they are “over-broad” in terms of types of serious crimes included in the new state law. But in the serious crimes included, Galligan said the DA’s can speed up the legal process. “If the case is strong, there is no reason to delay it, whereas now, often, we are able to engage in negotiations with defense counsel that are ongoing, perhaps, if the person remains incarcerated, is not seeking relief, that case can stay pending negotiations a little bit longer,” she said. “Now the process speeds up. We move to indictment quickly and we will ask the judge to schedule trial immediately because after trial and conviction comes the sentence where we can get those offenders off the street.”

Galligan said the governor may appoint her as DA in January, but short of that, she will be acting DA until the November 2020 election.

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