DEC officers rescue deer from larger water well/supply tank

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AMENIA – A large deer that fell into a 16-foot deep water well/supply tank in the Town of Amenia were rescued on November 20 with the aid of State Environmental Conservation Officers Zachary Crain and Deo Read.

A hunter had discovered the deer when he heard a noise coming from the tank, which is some 40 feet long, 40 feet wide and 16 feet deep.

Two deer had jumped onto the tin roof of the water well and fell through. One died and the other was running around the tank bottom.

The Encon officers and four civilians assisted with the rescue. Crain and two others climbed to the bottom of the supply tank. They cornered the surviving deer, tied it up with some rope before Off. Read and another man lifted it out of the tank.

They untied the deer and it ran away.