Town clerk “could no longer tolerate” town supervisor’s “hostility”

A NYS Trooper is seen interviewing Pleasant Valley Supervisor Mark Figliozzi after Troopers responded to a call that Figliozzi was harassing the town clerk.

PLEASANT VALLEY – Town Clerk Mary Beth Muir called the New York State Police for a complaint of harassment against Pleasant Valley Town Supervisor Mark Figliozzi on Wednesday.

According to Muir, Figliozzi entered the town clerk’s office in the morning and was acting in a hostile manner, including raising his voice at her.  Mrs. Muir said the behavior was common for Figliozzi and she could no longer tolerate it.  Muir ordered Figliozzi out of her office and called the troopers.

When a trooper arrived, Muir gave a statement that included the sentence, “I just want the harassment to stop.”  The officer then proceeded to interview Figliozzi behind a closed door in the office of the supervisor.  After the Trooper took Figliozzi’s statement, Figliozzi immediately got on the phone for a five to six-minute conversation.  

When the phone call ended, Figliozzi exited his office where he was confronted by a reporter for Mid-Hudson News.  When asked about the police presence, Figliozzi responded with “no comment.”  He then turned and said “I wasn’t the one getting yelled at.”  The reporter stated that “Troopers don’t yell at anyone, can you please clarify your statement,” to which Figliozzi replied again with “no comment.”  

Town Clerk Muir said that the State Police are going to investigate Muir’s options and then present them to her after the investigation.  One option available to Muir is to file a complaint that Figliozzi has violated the town’s Workplace Violence policy.

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