Poughkeepsie Common Council told 1,000 water meters need replacement

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POUGHKEEPSIE – There are some 7,000 water meters in the City of Poughkeepsie and 1,000 of them are in need of replacement.

The common council was briefed on that Monday night with city administration saying older ones need to be switched with those with modern technology.

Alderman Christopher Petsas was not happy with what he heard given that many of the devices were replaced five years ago.

“I am concerned that I voted for a project where this private company came in and said we are going to replace all of the water meters in the City of Poughkeepsie for this price, and now years later, you say the company did not replace all of the meters because it was buried, because the homeowner wouldn’t open the door. So why should the taxpayers of the city have to pay for these additional meters when four or five years ago voted to say this company was going to come in and replace all the meters,” he asked.

An administration report to the council said they want to manage operations more efficiently, reduce cost, and improve reliability of the entire water system.