Ulster GOP files complaint against Democratic DA candidate


KINGSTON – Ulster County Republican Chairman Roger Rascoe, Wednesday, filed a formal complaint against the district attorney campaign of Democrat David Clegg alleging collusion between Clegg’s campaign and the New York Justice and Public Safety Political Action Committee.

Rascoe said “billionaire extremist” George Soros has spend $160,000 in Ulster County “in an attempt to buy the race” for DA. The GOP chairman said the money is coming from outside Ulster County by people with no connection to the county. “Equally disturbing is evidence uncovered which suggests that the Committee to Elect David Clegg colluded with George Soros in this effort to buy the election,” Rascoe alleged.

“It’s not a violation for a PAC to campaign in any campaign, however, it is a violation if there is any collusion or any communication between a committee to election someone and a PAC,” he said. Rascoe cited congressional campaigns with several PACs advocating for one candidate or another, but it is against election law for them to coordinate anything between them. “In this we case we have some Facebook postings that clearly indicate that there was knowledge between the campaign and the PAC that was in violation of New York State election law and accordingly, I requested an investigation into that,” Rascoe said.

Clegg denied any collusion or knowledge of his campaign working with the New York Justice and Public Safety Political Action Committee.

Clegg faces off against Chief Assistant DA Michael Kavanagh in the November 5 election.


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