School bus stop-arm cameras proposed by Orange County exec

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GOSHEN – A proposal to install cameras on stop-arms of school buses in Orange County to catch drivers who pass stopped buses passed the county legislature’s Rules Committee and is headed for a vote by the full legislature at its November 7 session.

The proposal, advanced by County Executive Steven Neuhaus, would begin with the option of school districts to participate.

It is illegal in New York State to pass a stopped school bus when its red lights are flashing as it is dropping off or picking up students.

“As county executive and a parent of four, I want to do all we can to protect students when they are riding on the school bus, and this proposal makes perfect sense,” said Neuhaus. “These cameras provide Orange County school districts with the capability to hold reckless drivers accountable.”

“Passing a stopped school bus is dangerous, plain and simple,” said Rules Committee Chairman Thomas Faggione. “This measure will provide the tools necessary to help protect our kids on buses, and to hold responsible those guilty of this reckless and dangerous action.”