Democratic slate is the solution

It is high time to remove the status quo Montgomery town board. The present town board is not one of substance and accomplishment. In attending board meetings I see an indifference to the valid concerns of town residents voiced during the public comment period; concerns with regard to the negative effects of the proposed warehouse projects sited in our township. There seems to be a resident consensus to take pause from this commercial overdevelopment with a building moratorium.

Supervisor Winchell with the board members show no urgency in completing a comprehensive master plan in addressing commercial growth. They are dragging their feet on a master plan with relevant zoning for the guidelines required to promote smart growth. Our township is being bombarded with a multitude of warehouse proposals and the board’s sit-on-your hands posture is not acceptable. Our quality-of-life is potentially in peril.

The Democratic slate of Leahy for supervisor with Brown and Cockburn for town council seats is just what the doctor ordered for our township. If elected, they will put ‘public’ back in public servant. They will not cater to the corporate sector at the expense of the common good. This Democratic ticket realizes the township needs a breather from this warehousing avalanche; a building moratorium is in order so the board can have the time necessary to obtain the planning tools to properly address this avalanche.  I believe that with this Democratic group on the board, the town residents will feel at ease knowing their quality-of-life will be protected and preserved.

John Lown

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