Calls for investigation of guardrails and overpass where fatal crash occurred

Memorial at the spot where the SUV in which two died fell from a Route 304 overpass

PEARL RIVER – Following the fatal crash in which a car careened over a guard rail on Route 304 in Pearl River on Sunday, and plunged off an overpass to railroad tracks below killing two people, State Senator David Carlucci (D, New City) and Orangetown Supervisor Chris Day are calling on the State Department of Transportation to investigate that stretch of road immediately.

“This tragedy has had a profound impact on the town,” said Day, who has asked the New York State Department of Transportation to inspect the site and see what safety improvements can be made to prevent future incidents.

The stretch of road, which has a speed limit of 55 miles an hour, is notorious for a “very sharp curve,” he said.

“The guardrails have always been, generally among the community to be a relatively unsafe area, and I think Sunday certainly proves that,” he said. “So, I have asked the DOT to evaluate the guardrails there and see what improvements can be made to make sure…” Day said while the cause is under investigation, “Even if something like speed was a factor, there shouldn’t be a risk that a car is going to completely leave the road and land on those tracks down there.”

Carlucci echoed those sentiments. “No vehicle should be able to plunge off an overpass.” He, too, called on the state DOT to investigate the guardrail situation.

Both victims were in the same vehicle, a Porsche driven by Aisha Radoncic, 17, of Orangeburg. She remains in Westchester Medical Center.

Killed in the two-car with a VW were Alltin Nezaj, 17, of Pearl River and Saniah Cekic, 15, of Brooklyn.

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