Woman charged with criminal contempt

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SAUGERTIES – Police have charged a Saugerties woman with a felony of criminal contempt of a court order and a violation of harassment following an incident on October 10.

At 3:30 that morning, Saugerties Police were called to a domestic dispute at 1 Sawkill Road in the Town of Saugerties.

Through investigation, it was determined that Olivia Yonnetti, 40, during a verbal dispute struck the victim. A file check also determined there was a No-Harass Order of Protection in place, with the current victim as the protected party, resulting from a previous incident involving the two individuals.

Yonnetti, was taken into custody and processed on the charges at Saugerties Police Headquarters on the charges and was released on her own recognizance, upon the court issuing a Stay-Away Order of Protection on behalf of the victim.