Schumer calls on EPA to clean up arsenic in old Putnam County mine

TOWN OF KENT – An old mine in the Town of Kent has been found to be leaking arsenic into groundwater for 30 years and on Tuesday, US Senator Charles Schumer called on the EPA to clean it up.

The senator came to the abandoned mine in the middle of the woods to call on the federal agency to remediate the problem immediately.

“Last April finally the EPA said this is a hazardous mine. That’s good. Now we need them to not just say it is hazardous, we need them to act and clean it up,” he said. “So, I am calling on the EPA to clean it up. People are getting sick. You don’t have to be a PhD to know if you have arsenic in your water, in your soil, it can be very harmful.”

Schumer said the EPA has the money to clean up the old mine; it is just a matter for the agency to do it.

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