Concrete breaks loose from Route 9 overpass in Poughkeepsie

State DOT crew inspects under side of the Rt. 9 overpass at Main Street in Poughkeepsie

POUGHKEEPSIE – Sections of concrete have broken free from the Route 9 overpass onto Main Street near the Poughkeepsie train station and the State Department of Transportation had crews on the scene Monday inspecting the bridge.

Portions of debris had fallen from the structure, which is the site of a mural that was painted last year. Sizeable chunks of the yellow-painted concrete were lying on the sidewalk and a portion of Main Street.

Within hours of the State DOT being notified of the condition by Mid-Hudson News, inspectors were under the overpass inspecting it.

Debris has fallen from the under side of the Route 9 overpass

We will have further information when the DOT determines the condition of the overpass and if any remedial action will be taken.

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