Awareness of sexual harassment in the workplace heightens in New York


NEWBURGH – By tomorrow, Wednesday, October 9, every working person in New York State must have taken a course on sexual harassment. The law mandating that requirement was approved in Albany earlier this year.

Businesses must provide their employees with a sexual harassment policy and a complaint form should they at some point be the subject of that behavior.

Janet Gianetta of Visions Human Resource Services, a subsidiary of RBT, CPAs headquartered in Newburgh, said the strict new law stems from recent societal issues.

“I think this law branched out from the Me Too Movement, but on a federal and state level, sexual harassment has been unlawful for quite a number of years,” Gianetta said. “What Governor Cuomo and the New York State Legislature have done is brought it to the forefront and made training mandatory and also made it where non-employees are also covered under this law.”

Businesses have an option of paying for each employee to take the training through a company like Gianetta’s, an attorney’s office or by taking a class.

Every working person in the state will be required to take the training yearly.