Perfect fall weather for apple picking

This young lady found this apple to be 'delicious!"

MILTON – The weekend’s bright, sunny skies and autumn temperatures made for the perfect weather for apple picking, pumpkin shopping and cider donuts.

Apple orchards were packed on Saturday and Sunday with local Hudson Valley residents as well as many from the New York metro area, Connecticut, New Jersey, and Maryland.

Over 3,000 people packed Dubois Farm in Milton on each day. For farmer Dave Dubois, this has been a very good growing and harvesting season.

“As long as the weather is good this year; we have been planting a lot of apples, so we are growing way more apples than we ever anticipated,” he said. “I said, ‘this is going to be the year that we would have a lot left over’, but the weather has been so good all September and now into October, they are all going to get picked.”

Orchard manager Jodi Bulson said this fall has been exceptional.

“Last weekend was college weekend. Next weekend is Columbus weekend. So, each year we are still growing so it is usually bigger than the year before,” she said.

Locally produced craft beers and hard cider were big hits at orchards, breweries and restaurants around the Hudson Valley on this picture perfect fall weekend.

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