Man arrested for cutting security tags off merchandise at Walmart


THOMPSON – A New Windsor man was arrested on September 25 by the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office after he was spotted by Walmart store security in the Town of Thompson attempting to steal a home cinema system and personal computer by cutting security tags off the items.

Maurice Mitchell, 30, waited until the greeter at the front door of the store was distracted and then tried to run out with the items. He was intercepted on the sidewalk by Sheriff’s Deputy Connor Alvarez.

When the deputy attempted to stop him, he fought with the officer and violently resisted arrest. Walmart security officer Daniel King saw the commotion, came to the deputy’s aid and called for help on the deputy’s radio.

Nearby units heard the call and responded, and with the help of other civilians, Mitchell was taken into custody.

The deputy was treated by Mobile Medic ambulance personnel for abrasions to his head, face and hands.


Mitchell was charged with felony assault on a police officer, grand larceny and resisting arrest. He is in the Sullivan County Jail in lieu of $40,000 bail.

Sheriff Michel Schiff praised the store security guard for jumping in and assisting in the arrest. “Instead of just standing by and watching the deputy get assaulted, he rendered the appropriate assistance to protect the deputy and take the suspect into custody.”

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