Protestors renew call to shut down CPV plant

Anti-CPV protestors start to gather to renew their call, Friday, to shut the plant down

WAWAYANDA- As climate change protests took place around the world Friday, demonstrators voiced their concern alongside the CPV power plant on Route 6, west of Middletown.

The plant has long been a point of contention because of its dubious approval process, corruption within the Cuomo administration during the approval process, and it’s use of fracking gas from Pennsylvania.

“This whole plant aggravates me politically, engineering-wise, thermodynamically,” said Max Grieshaber, an Ulster County resident. “In addition, it is not needed.”

Grieshaber was the first protester to walk with a sign, and he was joined by others as the Friday afternoon commute was getting underway. In addition, Grieshaber is concerned with the chemistry built into the plant’s emissions.

“It’s pure ammonia. One hundred percent ammonia is pretty wicked stuff,” he said. “They said it’s a low nitrous-oxide omitting plant, but it’s not because they inject ammonia into the exhaust.”

Jean Schmitlein came to the protest after spending part of the day earlier demonstrating against climate change in New Paltz.

“I am here now,” she said, as she was about join others along Route 6 in front of the plant in Wawayanda. “Climate change is real. It’s not fake like certain people say it is. It’s reaching a crisis point. We have 10 years.”

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