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Cornwall is lucky to have Assemblyman Colin Schmitt representing us.

I want to thank you for highlighting in recent articles the bipartisan work and dedication of Assemblyman Schmitt to Cornwall and our entire district.

In today’s hyper partisan times it is refreshing to see a representative who is positive and focused on helping others and who is part of our community on a daily basis.

It is easy, as we have seen from some local extremists, to be bitter, angry, hateful and spew lies and discord. While a majority of local residents are tired of this type of behavior some persist nonetheless.

I want to thank Assemblyman Schmitt for taking the time to lead with clarity and conviction and show there is a better way. Schmitt is creating that better way by example each and every day.

It is refreshing to see an elected leader who can handle the weighty issues such as immigration and state policies impacting our communities and also the day-to-day ones like providing aid and assistance to those in need. Schmitt is open on his beliefs and explains his actions and work of his office directly to the public, we need more of that!

Schmitt is looking out for our district. While the Governor and others look to change our way of life and stand against us, Schmitt does the hard work to have our back protect our beliefs and fight to preserve our way of life. Keep it up Assemblyman!

Tara DiSalvo