Manufacturing Day

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October 4th marks National Manufacturing Day, an annual day of observance that celebrates those who pursue or hold careers in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and their collective contribution to our economy and society at large. The Hudson Valley has seen significant innovation in these industries over the years, including local companies such as IBM, Unlimited Tomorrow and Accessadoor, that have developed cutting-edge digital assets such as crucial smart phone technology, prosthetics and devices which enhance accessibility for those living with disabilities.

According to the Council of Industry (COI), the manufacturer’s association for the Hudson Valley, job openings in the manufacturing sector have hit a five-year high, yet employment remains stagnant due to a skill gap and shallow talent pool. Attracting, training and retaining top talent is crucial to building momentum and achieving further advancement in the field of manufacturing. To stay relevant, grow the economy and inspire people to build their lives in the Hudson Valley, we must continue to invest in workforce development initiatives and educational opportunities for youth.

To drive progress forward, I encourage businesses in our community to consider the following; support educational initiatives like the COI’s Go Make It program; donate or start scholarship funds like the one founded by my colleagues at Tompkins Mahopac Bank or support organizations like the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum that will encourage youth to be passionate about STEM and ultimately build a pipeline of talent for many years to come.

Amy Greiner
Vice President, Commercial Banking at Tompkins Mahopac Bank
Board of Trustees for the Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum