State Police Hate Crimes Task Force to investigate swastikas in Nyack

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NYACK – Two swastikas were recently found carved into a Starbucks bathroom door in Nyack and Governor Cuomo has directed the State Police Hate Crimes Task Force to assist local authorities in their investigation of the incident and to punish those responsible.

“In New York we have absolutely zero tolerance for such abhorrent symbols, which are designed to intimidate and sow division and are part of the cancer of hate that has infected the nation’s body politic in recent years,” the governor said. “Anti-Semitism and hate in all its forms are repugnant to New York’s values of inclusion, diversity and acceptance – and we will continue to call out cowardly acts of hate whenever and wherever we see them.”

Senator David Carlucci (D, New City) also denounced the acts of anti-Semitism. “These disgusting symbols are meant to insight fear and have no place in our community,” he said. “The fullest force of the law must be applied here, and we should make hateful images like this a felony hate crime.”