Kindergarten students to wear t shirts encouraging motorists to drive 20 mph around school zones

GREENBURGH – Are you concerned about speeding near schools? The Lee F. Jackson School (part of the Greenburgh Central school disdtrict), Town of Greenburgh and Xposure after school program are planning to involve kindergarten students in the effort to encourage safe driving.  Motorists are supposed to drive 20 MPH near schools but many motorists drive faster.  What are we planning to do?

Xposure Foundation Inc. and the Xposure Greenburgh Afterschool Program are donating 150 designed and printed T-Shirts featuring the 20 MPH Safe Driving message to children attending the Lee F. Jackson School.

This back to school public safety initiative, featuring the 150 donated printed Safe Driving T-Shirts is a result of the collaborative efforts of Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner, GCSD Superintendent, Dr. Tahira DuPree Chase, Lee F. Jackson Principal Patricia Simone, Lina Amendola and the Xposure Greenburgh Afterschool Program.

“A shared priority on safety underscores our collective focus on the overall well-being of the children of Greenburgh,” said Dr. Chase

Students will receive the t shirts this Thursday.

A big thank you to the Greenburgh School district, Xposure program for their help in promoting pedestrian safety. We don’t want to see any child injured because of a careless driver.

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