ImagineMIC™ releases advanced patch technology for skilled nursing facilities

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POUGHKEEPSIE – ImagineMIC™ announces the launch of a groundbreaking new telehealth solution to revolutionize patient care in skilled nursing environments.

Unlike existing telemedicine platforms which allow for limited clinical evaluations, this new technology provides a telemedicine solution with real-time, actionable hemodynamic information through the combination of a wireless FDA-cleared Biosensor Telemetry Patch, working in tandem with the company’s Monitoring Intervention Center (MIC), allowing for enhanced clinical decision-making. The MIC is staffed with a team of ER physicians, NPs, PAs and RNs who review this data 24/7/365, allowing for immediate, on-the-spot clinical decision-making.

The FDA-cleared wireless Biosensor Telemetry Patch can be easily placed on the chest of a resident, which captures, monitors and trends, in real-time, heart rate, respiratory rate, 2-lead ECG, skin temperature and orientation.

“Most telemetry products on the market are reactive, ours is proactive,” explains ImagineMIC™ CEO and founder Dr. Anthony Bacchi. “Most products are simply ‘Skyping’ whereas our technology utilizes a combination of telemedicine and real-time hemodynamic data allowing for immediate real-time clinical intervention before a medical emergency, such as a rapid change in a resident’s condition. Our company’s technology used in conjunction with our MIC has proven to significantly reduce hospital readmissions and promote recovery.”

The ImagineMIC™ patch and system is an ideal monitoring choice for health care facilities, providing continuous clinical oversight of patient’s health while reducing operational and clinical costs.