Chamber headquarters demolished to make way for rebirth of Mahopac

MAHOPAC – A large crane moved onto the site of the former Greater Carmel-Mahopac Chamber of Commerce headquarters in downtown Mahopac last week and within hours, the building adjacent to the Mahopac National Bank on Route 6N was turned to rubble.

For decades, parking in downtown Mahopac has posed a great concern for merchants as well as shoppers.

This will now change in the not-too-distant future once the new 90-vehicle municipal parking lot is constructed on the acre of land that formerly housed the building.

The property was recently purchased by the Town of Carmel for $395,000.

Supervisor Kenneth Schmitt said negotiations between the bank and the town had been ongoing for two years. “Parking has always been an issue in the hamlet of Mahopac. Now we will create not only a modern parking facility but a beautiful passive town park – Swan Cove – the town has also purchased.”

Councilman Michael Barile was on hand when the building was torn down thanking the bank for its patience. “They were extremely professional and we appreciate everything they have done for the residents of our town.”

Barile also commended the bank for contributing $50,000 to cover the cost of landscaping the new lot.

Barile also noted the town board had met with representatives of the State Department of Transportation and were advised that traffic signals will be changed along with turning lanes installed both into and out of the new parking lot in addition to the construction of a new sidewalk.

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