Local shelters and rescues host pet adoption fair in Goshen

GOSHEN – Local animal shelters and rescue organizations to host a pet adoption fair at Craigville Park in Goshen. Community partners included Warwick Valley Humane Society, Pets Alive Rescue of Middletown, Hudson Valley SPCA, and The Animal Rights Alliance (T.A.R.A.) of Middletown.

“A little love and support goes a long way for homeless animals, and I was excited to organize the pet adoption fair in partnership with Warwick Valley Humane Society, Pets Alive, Hudson Valley SPCA, and T.A.R.A, who are doing invaluable work fostering humane treatment of animals through education, rescue, and adoptions,” said State Senator Jen Metzger (SD-42), who serves on the Domestic Animal Welfare Committee in the Senate.

Attendees played with the dogs, kittens, bunnies, and guinea pigs available for adoption and talked with local experts and organizations about their pet adoption and animal care questions.

Becky Tegze, Executive Director of Pets Alive Rescue of Middletown said, “Pets Alive can’t thank Senator Metzger enough for hosting this event and bringing awareness to the animals and resources available to our local animal loving community. It is a win win for both the animals and those who love them.”

Last month, an animal welfare bill that Metzger introduced during the 2019 legislative session was signed into law by the Governor. The new law (S.3828) will provide protections and standards for treatment of companion animals under the care of pet dealers and breeders–care that is routinely provided at local humane societies, SPCAs, nonprofit and municipal animal shelters. The law also provides much-needed protection from the kind of abusive practices and negligent behavior that has occurred at puppy mills.

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