Decline of Democracy

Today in America we live in a semi-dictatorship. I say this because we have a president who has surrounded himself with incompetent people who offer blind loyalty and do whatever the president says.

In addition, we have a branch of government, the Senate, with a follower, not a leader, (Moscow Mitch), who abdicates his responsibilities to the executive branch, the NRA, a foreign country, and other corporate entities in making decisions that favor them. Be it gun reform, election protection, or campaign finance reform. All these issues have undermined our democracy.

We need real leaders of conviction who will protect our constitution as the founding fathers envisioned what our country should be. The people of America are the only ones capable of correcting the American Experiment and making her the beacon of the world.

Silence in Congress is not the answer. If Congress does not do their job of protecting this Democracy vote them out.

Ernesto Tirado

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