Appeal for blood donations in wake of Hurricane Dorian


NEW YORK – A holiday weekend and Hurricane Dorian make for the perfect storm for low blood supply and the New York Blood Center is calling for donations.

Disruption in the supply would impact the health of people suffering from medical emergencies or chronic conditions.

Blood Center Director of Donor Support Michelle Lariviere said keeping the blood supply high is imperative.

“Anytime after the holiday weekend we have a tendency to be very low in our supply. This, compounded by the hurricane that is starting to hit the east coast is really kind of taking a toll on the blood supply. So, when you have low blood supply coming out of the Labor Day weekend along with a category five hurricane – I know it’s no longer a category five – but the places that are affected have a disrupted ability to collect blood.”

Lariviere said the Blood Center is urging people to donate blood to help those in Florida and the Gulf “so they can weather the storm.”

Blood donations may be made at area hospitals, by calling the Blood Center or at

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