Ulster needs a real Comptroller

There are 23 counties in NYS that have Charters, only 8 of these have Comptrollers.

The reason that our Charter included a comptroller was predominately to conduct program audits.

Ulster County expends over 150 million dollars in contractual programs most of which are not under the direct control of the County.

The Charter sought to provide some oversight for these programs by having the Comptroller ensure that these programs are efficient and effective.

That is why Ulster County needs a Comptroller that actually knows how to perform these tasks,. Someone with a record for ferreting out malfeasance and conducting efficiency and effectiveness studies.

Lisa Cutten is that person. She uncovered fraudulent activity in the Lower Esopus River Watch corporation. The result of which the court ordered them to refund nearly $400,000 to the county; and barred it’s director from engaging in any further activity with any non profit organization.

Cutten is a bona-fide CPA with well over 20 years of experience and knows Ulster County finances like the back of her hand.

This is the kind of Comptroller Ulster County needs to watch over our tax dollars.

Thomas Kadgen
August 24

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