Sullivan County’s new bus service apparent success

MONTICELLO – Sullivan County’s week-old municipal bus system was off to a good start.

In the first three days of service, which began on Monday, “Move Sullivan” carried 150 passengers on its two routes.

County spokesman Daniel Hust said on Thursday that it is obviously filling a transportation void people need to get to work and health appointments.

The initial service is making hourly runs between Monticello and Liberty and Hust said officials are looking into demand in other areas of the county.

“This was created based on our population, employment and healthcare centers, but for example, we don’t get into Rock Hill or Wurtsboro or in the opposite direction on Route 17, Livingston Manor or Roscoe,” Hust said. “But there are healthcare and employment centers there as well, along with smaller population centers. We have had people ask us to go out toward the Jeffersonville-Youngsville area and even toward the Neversink-Grahamsville area.”

There is no charge to ride the bus though the end of the year, then $2 one way starting next January.

Check out detailed routes on and call 845-434-4102.

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