Schmitt heading to US-Mexico border on “fact-finding mission”


NEW WINDSOR – Assemblyman Colin Schmitt (R, New Windsor) wants to know firsthand what is happening on the US-Mexico border with people crossing into America and their treatment when they are detained.

He is traveling to Texas on his own fact-finding mission to meet with federal, state and local law enforcement, and tour the border and the detention facilities.

“I am not only going to see and experience what is happening with those who are trying to, and are crossing the border, but when they are detained, I am actually going to see what they are dealing with on a day to day basis, what our law enforcement is experiencing is experiencing on a day to day basis, our federal, county and local law enforcement down there will be spending time with me,” the assemblyman said. “So, I will be able to see from all angles and be able to report firsthand what is or is not happen.”

Schmitt recently toured the Orange County Jail in Goshen, which has been an ICE detention facility for several years and he said he found that the detainees were treated properly.

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