To the good people in Ulster County Legislative District 22

Kathy Nolan’s vote last week at the Ulster County Legislature against Brenda Maloney as the replacement for her husband, the late James Maloney, was particularly curious, and most certainly in need of some clarity. Once my friend Brian Cahill declared that he did not want his name introduced, there was only one other name in contention, Mrs. Maloney, and she had the votes. What in the world would possess Ms. Nolan to cast a NO vote against Brenda Maloney?

Every vote counts and every vote cast on behalf of the good people of the 22nd District must be justified. Hands down, the best thing about living up here is the people. It gives me great pride to live and operate a business in a community where hard work, family, respect and human decency still thrive, are highly valued, and are taught to younger generations.

These fine folks, who I hope to represent again come 2020, deserve to know what sinister information Ms. Nolan knows that would disqualify Mrs. Maloney from continuing her husband’s dedication to his constituents by holding the office of Legislator for the next 4 months? It must be something particularly threatening to justify such disrespect to a colleague’s memory and legacy.

I do hope her response justifies her position.

John Parete
August 17

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