Hudson man gets ten in fed pen for cocaine conspiracy

ALBANY – A City of Hudson man was sentenced on Tuesday to 10 years in federal prison for his involvement in a crack cocaine distribution ring that operated in Columbia County.

Senior United States District Judge Thomas McAvoy ordered the sentence run consecutive to a three-year term of imprisonment William “Whoody” Morrison, 32, is serving for violating supervised release conditions imposed as part of a 2011 federal drug conviction.

Morrison admitted that between August and December 2017, he was involved in a conspiracy to distribute crack cocaine in Columbia County. He admitted that members of the conspiracy made weekly trips to New York City  where they purchased hundreds of grams of powder cocaine, returned to Hudson, converted it to crack cocaine, and then sold it to customers.

He said the organization sold at least 464 grams of crack cocaine between August and December 2017.

Judge McAvoy also improved a five-year term of supervised release following Morrison’s release from prison.

The case was investigated by the State Police Special Investigations Unit in Albany, the FBI, and Hudson City Police and was prosecuted by Assistant US Attorneys Wayne Myers and Joshua Rosenthal.

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