Ryan signs term limits legislation

Ulster County Executive Patrick Ryan signs a term limits law at the Senate House

KINGSTON – Ulster County elected officials will now have term limits as County Executive Patrick Ryan signed legislation adopted by the county legislature.

Ryan signed the measure on Tuesday at the State Senate House in Kingston.

“In passing and signing this law we are recognizing that we have to constantly reinvigorate our democracy,” he said. “No elected office should ever belong to an individual; it must always remain in the hands of the people.”

Legislature Republican Minority Leader Kenneth Ronk said the elected county positions “should not be lifetime jobs, and this law encourages turnover in these important elected positions to ensure new and innovative ideas are brought to Ulster County Government.”

“Term limits protect the people from career politicians who concern themselves only with their next election,” said Democratic Legislator Joseph Maloney.

The term limits will take effect in 2020, meaning office-holders elected this coming November will be subject to term limits.

Under state law, terms limits may not be set for county clerk, sheriff, district attorney and judges.

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