Ulster sheriff: Pick up the phone if you sense something is wrong with someone you know


KINGSTON – As El Paso, Dayton and the rest of the nation mourn the latest senseless murders of innocent people, Ulster County Sheriff Juan Figueroa has some advice that he said may curb future instances of violence.

The sheriff said family members, loved ones, friends and coworkers need to speak up if they sense something is wrong with a person’s behavior.

“They need to pick up the phone if they see that there is an issue, a problem, with a loved one. It’s not always a mental health-related issue; it can be. It could be someone that’s angry. It could be someone that is doing retribution, but family members, friends, and coworkers, if they know that there is something going on with somebody they know, they need to pick up the phone and make a phone call. That will prevent a lot of what is going on.”

Figueroa said New York has strict gun laws, but the federal government needs to step up to find a solution to gun violence and assault weapons.

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