OPINION: Member of the club?

A 635MW  Generating  plant in Rensselaer, NY filed for bankruptcy on May 19, 2019; a 1000MW plant in Athens, NY filed for bankruptcy in June 2018. Both plants burn “natural gas”.

Nuclear Power plants in Oswego NY receive billions in funding from  NY State taxpayers.

In December 2017,  the organization that oversees NY State’s electric grid, the New York Independent System Operator, said New York only needed 600 additional MegaWatts of generating capacity by 2027, even with the closing of the  Indian Point nuclear plant, without any new power plants going online.

 The Hudson Valley is looking at three new natural gas burning plants.  The 650 MW CPV plant has started up in Middletown, the  Cricket Valley Energy Center in Dutchess County is under construction, and investors want to upgrade  the Danskammer  Plant in Newburgh.

Other information:

1) There is an energy bottleneck that doesn’t allow surplus upstate electricity to move downstate.

2) Wholesale electric rates were conveniently  increased  to make it profitable to build power plants in the lower Hudson valley region.

Plans are underway to upgrade transmission lines to move electricity downstate from already built generating facilities. The project is to be completed by 2023.

Just guessing: there’s a club composed of investors, lobbyists, politicians, political donors, and regulatory agencies, that decides who makes money in the electricity business, who doesn’t make money,  and who gets poisoned by fossil fuel plant emissions.

I’m not a member of the club; are you?

Charles Davenport
Wappingers Falls

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