Dutchess County grants $112,000 in Accessibility Awards

POUGHKEEPSIE – Grant awards totaling more than $112,000 will be awarded through Dutchess County’s 2019 Municipal Innovation Grant program, to provide funding for projects which will improve access to residents living with disabilities.

The awards are part of almost $1.6 million in funding awarded in the 2019 program to municipalities for accessibility improvements, shared service and consolidation efforts, streamlined land use practices and public safety advances, with the overall goal of supporting local government efforts to reduce the property tax levy. Additional awards will be announced over the next several weeks.

A total of $1.1 million was allocated through the county legislature in the 2019 budget; and the county reallocated nearly $497,000 of previously awarded funds which were recaptured due to under-spending.

“Dutchess County’s pledge to ‘ThinkDIFFERENTLY’ about our friends and neighbors living with disabilities is unparalleled, and these grant awards are the latest fulfillment of that promise,” he said. “Dutchess County remains committed to increasing accessibility and breaking down barriers for those with disabilities.”

Accessibility projects, totaling $112,834, funded through the 2019 Municipal Innovation Grant Programs include:

Town Hall Accessibility
Award: $50,000
Awarded Municipality: Town of Beekman
Project Description: Improve accessibility at the front entrance of the Town Hall by replacing the dilapidated non-compliant ADA ramp, adding automated openers to interior and exterior vestibule doors, demolishing the existing stoop, and re-constructing new steps and a new accessible sidewalk.

Improved Municipal Facilities Accessibility
Award: $14,600
Awarded Municipality: Town of Dover
Project Description: Improve accessibility by adding automated door openers that will eliminate barriers to entry at three municipal buildings.

Freedom Park Accessible Restroom Facility
Award: $48,234
Awarded Municipality: Town of LaGrange
Project Description: Improve accessibility and promote equal opportunity for Freedom Park disabled patrons by constructing a new accessible restroom at the pavilion, eliminating barriers for the elderly and disabled.

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