UCAT ridership up; Ulster makes improvements based on feedback


KINGSTON – Ridership on Ulster County Area Transit has risen sharply since the county took over Citibus, the transit system that serviced the City of Kingston, county officials said.

County Executive Patrick Ryan said since the merged service began on July 1, over 2,500 new riders have availed themselves of service in Kingston.

Upgrades include additional coverage will be added for the Ponck Hockie area through the Blue Line and the Yellow and Blue routes have been adjusted to more accurately reflect travel time.

“Since the UCAT expansion, we have seen a significant increase in ridership,” Ryan said. “While this is great news, we are also listening to residents and responding to their needs to ensure that we offer the best possible service to residents. These changes will better ensure timely stops and provide services to needed areas.”

All routes in the City of Kingston are now free through the end of the year, riders have access to free Wi-Fi, and the UCAT app provides real-time location of the buses, estimated arrival times, arrival notifications, route maps and schedules.

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