Who is watching the store…..apparently no one

This was my first thought when I and many other City of Newburgh residents received their sanitation bill last week; it reflected a 55% increase in cost.  There is something seriously wrong in city hall when the residents here are continually hammered with ever increasing taxes and fees.  When I asked what caused such an increase I was told that the county tipping fees increased.  OK that would account for about 22% of the increase.  The other 33% was attributed to mismanagement of past years since 2012.  This is not much consolation to the incredible amount of low income residents, most especially our seniors, that currently live hand to mouth trying to survive.

For a city council that purports to be so concerned for the poor in our community their actions are antithetical to that claim.  For a typical Broadway business with two apartments above, the increase is $600.00 per year which brings the sanitation expense to $1636.00 annually.  No landlord can afford to absorb such enormous increases without raising rents to their tenants.  Ironically decisions such as this hurt the people who can least afford it. It’s amazing that this is the same city council that has been ranting for rent control in the city.  Maybe they should learn how to live within a budget and recognize what their lack of oversight and bad decisions really costs the community.  This not only drives folks out, but it deters others from coming in.

Christine M. Bello
Candidate for City Council
July 16

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