Church group cleans up Middletown Heritage Trail route

World Mission Society Church of God members cleaning up on the Heritage Trail

MIDDLETOWN – Some 70 volunteers from the World Mission Society Church of God spent much of the day Sunday in Middletown cleaning up the route for the future Heritage Trail in the city.

Church spokesman Joey Seymour said the group collected a large amount of garbage along the route with the assistance of Assemblywoman Aileen Gunther and Senator Jennifer Metzger.

“The volunteers removed about 130 bags of trash as well as different kinds of abandoned furniture, couches, mattresses, vacuums, poles, wire fences,” Seymour said. “They were able to do a really great job of getting the area ready to be constructed for the new extension of the path,” he said

The trail now extends from Monroe to Goshen.

This isn’t the first cleanup effort by the church. Last December members converged on the City of Newburgh and just last month, they removed eight tons of trash from the Haverstraw State Park along the Hudson River in just a matter of hours.

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