Spring Valley man sentenced in conspiracy to bring coke to Orange County

GOSHEN – A Spring Valley man was sentenced by Orange County Court Judge Craig Stephen Brown to eight years in prison and five years of post-release supervision in connection with the “Operation Bread, White and Blues” enforcement action.

Kenneth Nunez, 39, sentenced on Monday, July 8, was among those arrested in the drug crackdown last year. He pled guilty in April to criminal possession of a controlled substance, admitting to possessing more than four ounces of cocaine in December 2018, which prosecutors argued was transported to Orange County as part of a conspiracy to distribute cocaine.

Tara Schoonmaker, 48, of Wurtsboro, pled guilty before Judge Brown on Wednesday, July 10 to conspiracy, admitting having agreed with others to sell pills containing narcotics. She faces up to three years in prison when sentenced next month.

“Narcotics trafficking is destroying the fabric of our society, killing our residents, and must be fought at every level,” said District Attorney David Hoovler. “It is only through enforcement actions such as ‘Operation Bread, White and Blues’ that law enforcement is able to pursue those higher-level drug dealers and craftier offenders who attempt to insulate themselves from criminal liability b dealing drugs through intermediaries.”

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