Dover Greens and Olivet Academy conclude donation drive for local charity

Restocking the food pantry

WINGDALE – An outreach effort that brought two truckloads of clothing and promotional support to The Center for Compassion in Dover Plains has been completed.

The multi-week charitable drive was initiated by Dover Greens (a development company for Olivet University campus in Wingdale) and driven by Olivet Academy, a K-12 private Christian school located on Olivet University campus.

The Center of Compassion’s mission is to, not only, provide for the practical needs of those less fortunate but also to nourish an environment of hope, trust and ultimately human liberation to those they serve.

The group helps hundreds of children and families in the Dover area through their food pantry, thrift store and backpack programs, and is largely dependent on community support and donations.

With that in mind, Olivet Academy students began their outreach project by visiting The Center of Compassion’s thrift store and received a hands-on lesson about the charity’s work by the Center’s Director, Lori Vincent.

In the following days, students came up with the project name: Helping Every Life Project (HELP).  The students also designed and distributed posters and promotional flyers in their effort to gather clothing for their project.

The campaign concluded with Dover Greens delivering of two full truckloads of used clothing that was unloaded at the thrift store.

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