Construction of new Route 17 Exit 125 underway

GOSHEN – Construction work for an overpass that will carry exiting traffic from Route 17 at a new exit 125 has begun. That exit and overpass will provide access for patrons of Legoland when the theme park is completed next year.

The exit will also provide access to other destinations that the current exit offers.

On Monday, traffic was disrupted in the area to allow for a crane to be relocated to the construction site.

Legoland New York’s project director, Phil Royle, said the new exit will provide for the requirements and traffic needs for years to come.

“At the moment the exits are federally too close together to so enable Route 17 to hopefully be converted one day into I-86, you need to create the distance between the exits. Once our bridge is ready, we will close down exit 125 and we will open the new 125, which is now federally further away from (exit) 124,” he said.

The state is kicking in $25 million for the new exit with Legoland funding the remaining $15 million.

Exit 125 area. Legoland site is lower right. (Google Earth image)

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