Orange County Community Youth Gym Program an alternative to youths being on the streets during summer

TOWN OF WALLKILL – Orange County District Attorney David Hoovler, Sheriff Carl DuBois and Town of Wallkill Police Chief Robert Hertman, announced that their agencies will jointly host a Community Youth Gym Program.  The program which will be held on Friday nights during the summer between 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM, at the Ultimate Advantage, Inc. gym located at 600 North Galleria Drive, Wallkill, NY, starting on Friday, July 12.  The program will be run by Rick Scarpulla, who had been a coach at West Point for thirteen years, and who has extensive experience not only working with professional and Olympic level athletes, but also with youth.  The program is designed to give high-school age teens an alternative to spending their summer on the streets, and will include instruction on nutrition, character building, the importance of crime prevention and avoiding drugs.

The program has the support of the Town of Wallkill Police Chief and the Orange County Sheriff.  The program is designed to provide youth, particularly disadvantaged youth, with alternatives to engaging in criminal activity, as well as life-skills including a compelling anti-drug message and to foster a more positive relationship with law-enforcement.  The program will stress to youth the importance of abstaining from drugs, “vaping”, and tobacco, as well as staying in school.  The program is also designed to promote leadership skill.

“The youth of our County need to have positive experiences with law enforcement officers and an alternative to spending summers on city streets,” said Hoovler. “I am proud to partner with the Town of Wallkill Police and the Sheriff to help sponsor this program.  Anyone who has is familiar with Coach Scarpulla knows that he is a dynamic speaker, as well a first-class athlete and coach.  Anyone who signs up for this program, can expect not only to have an enjoyable experience, but also to gain some valuable advice about improving their athletic abilities, health and fitness, as well as the importance of staying drug free.”

Anyone interested in registering and attending the course may sign up at the Ultimate Advantage Gym, located at 600 Galleria Drive, in Wallkill, on Friday, July 12, 2018, at 7:00 pm., or any Friday during the six weeks that the program runs.

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