Neuhaus back at work in Goshen

Neuhaus happy to be back and colleagues are happy to have him back

GOSHEN – Orange County Executive Steven Neuhaus had a surprise when he returned to the county government center in Goshen on Monday. County Clerk Annie Rabbitt set up a surprise welcome home reception for him.

Neuhaus spent the last six months in Iraq serving as a lieutenant commander with the Naval Reserves.

Despite being in the Middle East, he didn’t miss a beat in running the county remotely.

“There is so much stuff that is going on in the county – economic development, infrastructure-wise, the budget – that you have to be up to speed on everything or else things will fall through the cracks,” he said. The county executive stayed in touch with his staff, department heads and local officials by email, phone calls and Facetime whenever he could.

Neuhaus returned last week and spent his time home with his family and making public appearances at events.

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