Next stop, Walkway Over the Hudson

The Walkway as seen from its elevator.

POUGHKEEPSIE – A 90-second elevator ride can transport passengers from the Poughkeepsie waterfront at Upper Landing Park to the span of the Walkway Over the Hudson, 212 feet above while allowing passengers to enjoy the magnificent scenery of the Hudson River.

The glass-enclosed 15 passenger elevator, which is ADA compliant, has been refurbished with a technologically-advanced energy chain.

According to Dan Keefe from the New York State Parks Department, the energy chain creates a hardwire connection for all key elevator functions including motive power, control circuits, air conditioning, and the camera system.  Keefe noted that with the recent work, many of the controller components were upgraded and an updated fault monitor and remote monitoring system were installed.

The elevator ride can be intimidating for individuals who are apprehensive about heights.

Tanya Harrison recently took the ride up and was relieved when the elevator attendant explained all of the safety innovations that the vehicle has.  “I’m not a big fan of heights,” Harrison said as she was going up to the surface of the Walkway.  On the ride up, the Wappinger resident stayed back from the floor-to-ceiling glass that gives the riders a chance to see the ground below.

Tanya Harrison of Wappinger enjoys the sights as the Walkway elevator goes up (Video special to Mid-Hudson News)

Once exiting the elevator and enjoying the Walkway, Harrison made the return trip in the elevator, standing closer to the glass.  “It’s not bad once you try it out.  It’s a bit loud but it’s worth it,” Harrison said.  The elevator staffer explained that the somewhat loud noise is created by the gears that drive the elevator.

It begins operations at 9 a.m. and ends one hour before the park closes.  Weather can also be a factor so an “Elevator Hotline” was established for visitors.  The status can be checked by calling 845-834-3641.  Additional information on parking for Upper Landing Park and the elevator operation can be found at