Ulster County fire training center to become reality

County Executive Ryan signs the bills

KINGSTON – Construction of the Ulster County fire training center is one step closer to reality as County Executive Patrick Ryan signed a series of resolutions on Friday authorizing funding of the project to be located on Ulster Landing Road in the Town of Ulster.

The new three-story concrete building will house a state-of-the-art burn facility and will provide additional training equipment that has previously been unavailable in the county.

Ryan said firefighters deserve nothing less than the best training and equipment.

“We are asking folks and folks are agreeing to risk their life and literally run into burning buildings to keep our entire community safe, we owe them the absolute best training facilities and equipment and resources to do that job as safely as possible,” he said.

Classroom training for firefighters and other first responders will be held at SUNY Ulster in Stone Ridge.

County Fire Coordinator Everett Erichsen is glad to see the project move forward.

“In order for these selfless individuals to perform at their best and in risky situations be able to fall back on their training, we must provide them with the training programs and facilities they need in order to grow with changes in the fire service that have a direct effect on their performance and safety,” Erichsen said.

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