Officers corner bobcat inside home

bobcat (file photo)

PLEASANT VALLEY – Dutchess County Sheriff’s deputies responded to a house on Salt Point Turnpike in Pleasant Valley for a report of a bobcat inside of a residence on Sunday.

Deputies met the homeowner and were told that the man had let his pet dog out of the house where it encountered the bobcat and the two animals began fighting.  The homeowner ran out, leaving the door open, to separate the two, which he did.  Once the animals were separated, the bobcat fled into the house through the open door.

Sheriff’s Captain John Watterson said deputies used a snare pole to capture the bobcat and remove it from the house.

The state Department of Environmental Conservation was consulted and ENCON officers made the decision to euthanize the bobcat because it showed signs of being infected with rabies.  The animal is being tested to determine if it had rabies.

The investigation is continuing

The homeowner sustained minor injuries while breaking up the fight.

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