Senator wants reforms in privatized military housing

Sen. Schumer, at West Point, ten days ago

WEST POINT – Following the results of a series of inspections conducted on privatized housing for military families at West Point, U.S. Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY) is pushing for immediate reforms regarding privatized military housing.

It was reported in November of 2018 that some housing units at West Point contained various hazards, including lead paint, asbestos, roaches, mold and leaks.

Schumer said on Friday those who serve in the nation’s military shouldn’t be subject to subpar housing.

“West Point privatized housing is plagued by hazards to both public health and even to safety, which is why I’m here today to say that our nation’s finest deserve the finest housing possible, not leaky homes coated in mold,” said Schumer.

To address the issue at West Point and at other privatized military housing across the nation, a number of protections have been included in the National Defense Authorization Act of 2020.

Included within the bill is a tenant bill of rights, provisions for arbitration and dispute resolution, as well as $301.8 million for staffing housing personnel at various privatized military housing locations.

The bill will appear in the Senate on Monday.

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