Woodbury VLT deal set in Albany

ALBANY – Legislation to establish a video lottery terminal facility in Orange County has received a three-way agreement between the Senate, Assembly and governor. It

Anti-vaping panel

Kudos to Assemblyman Colin Schmitt and Washingtonville Mayor Joseph Bucco for co-chairing a recent Youth Anti-Vaping Panel at Washingtonville HS to address the exponential increase

Climate change

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is one of our nation’s most majestic public lands, home to the Porcupine Caribou Herd, denning polar bears, musk oxen,

Opposes Danskammer project

The Danskammer LLC has proposed that a little-used facility bordering the Hudson River in Newburgh be converted into a year-round fracked gas power plant. And

YO1 luxury spa may be up for sale

KIAMESHA LAKE – The year-old luxury wellness center and spa YO1 in Kiamesha Lake may be in the process of being sold. “The Economic Times”

One dead in Route 9W crash

MIDDLE HOPE – A four-car crash on Route 9W just north of the Middle Hope Cold Storage facility at 1:40 p.m. Wednesday resulted in one