Legal challenges expected against state’s new ban on religious exemptions for vaccinations

GOSHEN – A group of attorneys, including Goshen civil rights lawyer Michael Sussman, is considering filing legal challenges to the state’s new law eliminating the religious exemption for vaccinations.

Attorney Michael Sussman – “Outrage, concern, confusion”

The state believes that will help curb the ongoing measles outbreak that began in Rockland County last October. Cases have also cropped up in Orange, Sullivan and Greene counties.

“Many people from around the state have contacted our respective offices expressing outrage, concern and confusion about our state’s direction and seeking legal representation,” Sussman said.

He said Saturday that a group of attorneys held a conference call on Friday to discuss the new law and he said the lawyers, including himself, “are exploring a number of different challenges to the law.”

The law takes effect in 30 days and “we hope and expect to mount legal challenges to the new law within that time period, if not sooner.”

Sussman said they view their task as “insuring that the most important legal challenges to the new law are brought and adjudicated by our courts.”

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